The artist, personnel and tour manager Kleopatra Tümmler sits casually on a table with her arms folded in front of her chest. She is wearing trousers and a turtleneck jumper in simple, elegant black. Her gaze is turned towards the camera and there are some chairs in the background. Her gaze emanates self-assurance and clarity.

"If it's not rocking, you're better not knocking."

Kleopatra Tümmler

  • Artist Management
  • Personal Management
  • Tour Management

Artist Management.

Being a music manager requires drive, determination and a passion for music. I bring together the people and projects that meet the goals of the artist. We as a team first solidify artist development aspects, we are developing and unlocking your artist value and then focus on product development. Our interest in success is shared. As a manager I’m in charge of running the business so the artist is free to focus on creating the music.

Sometimes the passion for music is reflected in a simple plain airport. A group of people stand loosely around with sunglasses, some of them wearing uniforms, others plainly dressed. Planes can be seen in the background.

Personal Management.

A person stands casually with his hands in his trouser pockets. The person is at the highest point of a steep stony path. Her gaze is fixed on the crowded tiers of the amphitheatre in front of her. She is wearing a mixture of suit and sports shoes.

My goal is to create an enviroment where the clients have room to find their path on the road to succes. From travel to tax, every little step is important and needs to be taken care of with good grace. Diplomacy and reliability is key, I take all my responsibilities in a highly dependable way.

Tour Management.

Touring is by far not as glamourous as one might think. I help clearing your head and let you focus on what’s really important when you are on the road: playing great shows in the best possible circumstances. Having had the privilige to travel the world on all levels of touring, I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience to make your tour not only cost efficient, but also easy to travel and most of all a unique and unforgettable memory.

Touring can be fun. So there are several people sitting in a minibus. Some are talking, a woman is on the phone and someone is looking out of the window. He is wearing sunglasses and a necklace and his gaze is fixed on the landscape passing by.

What I value.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Do well by doing good. Sharing knowledge is the new black.

I am happy having the chance to work with all those great artists.

Media Appearance

Speaker Reeperbahnfestival

Topic: Female Music Management Reloaded

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Hall Of Fame Der Musik

#04 Frauenpower - Mehr Frauen in die Musik

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Redfield Podcast

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Kleo Tümmler is a member of IMUC (Interessenverband Musikmanager & Consultants E.V.).

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